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We gear up your digital game,
while you tackle the big jobs!

Content creation, social media, web design – tailored for the construction site, the assembly line, 
paddock, and the open road. Let’s team up and get your online presence sorted.

Feeling overwhelmed by the digital world? We get it.

It’s hard to keep up online, especially when you’re busy with big jobs every day. We’re here to make the online stuff easy for you.

Digital Talk Confusing?: We make it simple.

Too Busy To Be Online?: We handle it while you work.

Don’t Know What To Say?: We craft the right words for you.

Keeping Up With Online Changes?: We’re on it for you.

Visuals Don’t Reflect Your Work?: We get the job done right,
showcasing what you do best.

Clear Logic Media: Your Digital Partner.

We understand your industry

The heavy industry and agricultural sectors have their unique sets of challenges when it comes to reaching your customers online. We’re here to simplify and amplify your online voice, ensuring it resonates where it matters most.

We’ve Worked In Your Industry.

Meet the Director: Shane’s story

From family transport trucks, navigating the complexities of the oil and gas sector, to roles within government, Shane’s path reflects a diverse range of industry experiences. This authentic journey, combined with a Business degree, ensures Clear Logic Media isn’t just talking the talk.

We genuinely understand the challenges you face, and our commitment goes beyond just delivering a service; we’re your guiding hand in the digital space. Aligning with us ensures your business draws from Shane’s wealth of industry knowledge, ensuring an online strategy that truly resonates.

With Us, It’s Personal.

Committed to you

For us, every project is a partnership. We get to know you, your goals, and what makes your business tick. And then we amplify that. So when you see your business online, it feels just right.

Your Journey In
Three Simple Steps

1. Discovery Call

We start with a chat. It’s about understanding you, your needs, and ensuring our visions align. This ensures we’re the right fit for one another.

2. Tailored Proposal

Based on our previous conversation, Clear Logic Media craft a detailed proposal outlining the scope of services tailored for you.

3. Strategy & Action

Once approved, we initiate with a precise strategy, followed by the heavy lifting. We’re here to sort out and amplify your online presence.

Ready to get your online presence sorted?

Your Digital Path: Success or Stumble?

With Clear Logic Media

  • Done For You: You’re busy, we get it, that’s why we get your online presence sorted for you. 

  • Boosted Business: Get noticed online, driving interest and increased revenue.

  • Attract Talent: Showcase your culture and values, becoming the employer everyone wants to work for.

Going It Alone

  • Endless To-Do: Another task piled onto your already full plate.

  • Lost Opportunities: If they can’t find you online, they can’t hire or work with you.

  • Hiring Hassles: Ineffective job ads with no online presence to back them up means missed chances to attract the best talent.

Our Services:
Making Your Business Stand Out

Digital Strategy

We make a game plan for your business so you have a clear path forward.

Social Media Management

We keep your social pages humming, so you’re always in the conversation.

Website Development

We build engaging websites that show off what you do best.


We create awesome videos that tell your business story.


We capture stunning shots, presenting your business in its best light.

Construction Time-Lapse Cameras

Hire our cameras to capture your big projects from start to finish.

We’re All About The
Heavy Industry and Ag Sectors

We know the big stuff best. We’re experts at showing the power and heart of heavy industries online and showcasing the uniqueness of the agriculture sector. Check out the industries we love working with and check out some videos to see our skills in action.

Rural/Industrial Real Estate





Government Projects

Examples of Our Work

ALMA 4 Pillars

Clear Logic Media | Project


Clear Logic Media | AGL Project


Clear Logic Media | Promo

Serving Southern Queensland:
Tailored Media Solutions for Every Corner

Your Local Media Partner in South-East & South-West Queensland

Clear Logic Media is your specialist for digital media and marketing solutions across the vibrant expanses of Southern Queensland. Whether you’re situated in the lively centres of the South-East or the rich terrains of the South-West, we’re right here with you.

Focused Regions:

Toowoomba, Dalby, Chinchilla & Miles

The Heart of the Darling Downs: Being our home base, we have an innate understanding of its pulse and are dedicated to fortifying its digital landscape.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

The South-East Corner of Queensland – In these populous areas, we recognize the unique digital requirements and are on standby to enhance your online stature.

Roma, Charleville, St George & Beyond

Deep Dive into South-West Queensland: Our history and enduring partnerships in these areas are a testament to our commitment and expertise.

Broadening Horizons: Beyond Regional Limits

While our heart lies in Southern Queensland, we’re not limited by geography. For the right project, we’re always ready to travel, ensuring you get the service you deserve.

Hear It Straight From
Our Partners

Don’t just take our word for it; hear the stories of those who’ve worked alongside us, and the impact we bring to every partnership. Dive in, and see why our clients trust Clear Logic Media as their digital media and marketing partner.
  • Andrew Busiko, Rural Sales Agent | LJ Hooker Roma

    “Our team at LJ Hooker Roma have frequently worked with Clear Logic Media to create standout photos, videos and printed material for some of our prime rural listings. We constantly receive feedback on their work and appreciate their start to finish approach. We highly recommend them.”

  • Stephanie Whitaker, Executive Officer | Australian Livestock Markets Association

    “Shane and the team at Clear Logic Media have been great to work with. They made sure they thoroughly understood the message we wanted to capture, made adjustments when things didn’t go to plan, and delivered an amazing result. They nailed it!”

  • Kieran & Chaye Harvey, Owner | Roma Sands

    “We appreciate the amazing and professional support we get from the team with our marketing. Could not recommend Clear Logic Media more! Thank you!”

  • Grant Lorenz, Owner | Rural Insurance Services

    “Clear Logic Media- Very professional outfit. Get around these guys. Great local business. Can’t recommend enough.” 

    We’ve Worked With…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my business even ready to have an online presence?

    Even if you’ve dabbled online with a website or occasional posts, consistency is key. An inconsistent or outdated presence can send the wrong message. Starting or refining now ensures you present a professional, updated image to the world, setting the foundation for future growth.

    I’m so busy already. How much time will I need to invest to see results?

    We’re here to lift some of that weight. Our goal is to simplify and handle the process, so you invest less time. We take care of the nitty-gritty while you focus on your business.

    Getting in front of the camera makes me uncomfortable. Is it necessary?

    While it may feel daunting, your brand is a reflection of you. Authenticity and telling your story is key. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be Hollywood-style; imagine an in-depth chat about your business. We have strategies to make you feel comfortable and authentic.

    What are the costs involved? Will it fit within my budget?

    We tailor services to bring value, but we do maintain minimum engagement levels. This ensures we allocate the right resources to offer you the best service. Think of us as an investment in your future success.

    How long will it take before I begin seeing a return on my investment?

    Like hiring a personal trainer, results take time and effort. But, working with a ‘done-for-you’ service like ours means we do a lot of the heavy lifting. Most clients notice improved engagement within a few months.

    We have internal staff for social media. Why should I consider outsourcing?

    If you’re fortunate to have an in-house marketing expert, that’s wonderful. However, with tight schedules and operational demands, projects can be sidelined. We can seamlessly dovetail with your team, offering strategy support, content creation, or distribution. And if you’re currently managing things solo or relying on admin staff, partnering with us brings the dedicated expertise and consistency your online presence demands.

    Would creating videos for my business even be beneficial?

    Absolutely! Video content boosts engagement. Studies show that video increases understanding of a product by 74%, and 64% of users are more likely to buy after watching a video.

    I’m not sure what messaging will work for my business. How do I even start promoting it?

    We lean on tried-and-tested marketing and story frameworks, ensuring your message is not only effective but also authentic. We’ll guide you in crafting the right messages that resonate.

    Is there a guarantee that online promotion will work for my type of business?

    Marketing is a bit like fishing. We can’t guarantee you’ll land the ‘big one’, but with the right bait, tools, and location (or strategy, content, and platform in our case), you’ll definitely increase your chances! 🎣

    There are so many digital marketing services out there. What makes Clear Logic Media special?

    Our genuine passion for heavy industries and agriculture sets us apart. We hail from these sectors, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than creating content that showcases what makes businesses in these areas unique.

    Get in touch today!

    Ready to get your online presence sorted?

    Online stuff can be tricky, especially for heavy industries. Let’s make it easy. With us, you get a clear path and real results. Partner with Clear Logic Media, and let’s get you online presence sorted together!