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Video is an excellent tool for showcasing your brand and increasing engagement. Event videography is a particularly fantastic way to increase public awareness and is also an outstanding marketing tool to promote your event before, during and after the occasion.  As part of our event videography services, we offer event promotion videos, highlights videos, documentaries, and live streaming services to help capture and promote your events. 

What we offer

We offer a variety of videography services utilising various cinematic styles, these options are listed and explained in further detail below.  We can deliver custom built packages which can capture a current event, as well as promote a future one.  Please see our videography services below and give us a call, we can package up these services according to your needs.

With this style of video, we will be onsite to capture your entire event from beginning to end and edit it together to produce a full recording of your event in its entirety.

This documentary style can be enhanced with extra coverage with additional cameras, however, this will require another videographer and will include extra costs to you.

A short video that summaries the key aspects of your event.

We can offer a 3-5 minute video showcasing the highlights of your event. We will film short key moments throughout the event and edit them together with music.

This video could also include audio from any key speeches or interviews which can be incorporated into the video.

A short (less than 60 seconds) promotional clip that showcases footage from your event and can be used to promote any future events you may be planning to have.

This clip is perfect for sharing on social media.

We can edit any current or past digital media such as photos and video into a short 60 second clip for you to share on social media to promote your up-and-coming event.

This video can include music, text, and graphics.

If you have a particular sponsor, guest, group of attendees or organiser you would like us to interview to include in one of your event video packages we can capture both video and quality audio to include within a highlight or promotional video package. 

We can also export this footage separately if you would like to acquire it as an individual video.

We are excited to be able to off live streaming services depending on internet signal or service strength at your venue.

We can captuire your event and broadcast it to social media for your online event attendees.


It depends on which type of videography services you require, we charge an hourly rate, so the more hours of coverage you require the more it will cost

There will be no extra charge for travel if your event venue is located within 20 km of Roma, Queensland.  For locations beyond this distance, travel costs will be calculated and charged per kilometre. For extensive distances, accommodation costs may also apply.

Yes absolutely, we can include all these services for a single event.

For the highlights and promotional style films, you will have the opportunity to have one review with minor amendments. An example of a minor amendment may be, editing any words, dates or phrasing, cutting footage out and swapping in alternative footage, however, complex amendments which would require over 2 hours of additional editing time, such as changing the structure of the film, would incur additional costs.

The music chosen to be included within any of your films will be selected from our business’ high quality music subscription platforms, due to licensing and copyright reasons. Before we edit, we can provide you with a short playlist of different music from these platforms so we can understand your preference and check that you are happy with the music selections.

We have the capability to shoot 4K, and can adjust the aspect ratio (particularly for promotional films) to be horizontal 16:9, square 1:1, or vertical 9:16.

We can shoot on three main cameras, we use all Sony cameras which all produce exceptional footage.

No, once you have received your films, we do not retain any of the footage; this includes the edited files.

Any type of film service we provide, excluding live streaming, may be listed on our website and socials, to showcase our work and what we can provide to future customers. However, we will go into more detail surrounding this in our standard terms and conditions in our contract and can work with our clients on this.

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